Start the server

Set an environment variable with your Algorithmia API Key

Obtain a free API Key for Algorithmia at, or by logging into your account and clicking your profile image, then "Manage API Keys".

Next, create an environment variable "ALGORITHMIA_API_KEY" and set its value to your key ("sim...").

In OSX or Linux:

export "ALGORITHMIA_API_KEY"="sim..."

In Windows:

set "ALGORITHMIA_API_KEY"="sim..."

Run the Flask server

In your application's root directory, run "python"

Test out the webapp

Open a web browser and browse to -- if all has gone well, you should now see a login screen:

Register with a new email address and password, and experiment with changing your profile image, name and bio. If all runs smoothly, pat yourself on the back: you've just created a fullstack app which leverages Algorithmia's powerful machine learning! And, if anything isn't working right, compare it to the reference repo with the completed code.

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