What is an Organization?

On your account page, take note of the "Organizations" tab -- it is probably empty, but you can create a new Organization by clicking "Create New". Pick a display name (e.g. "Team Awesome"), an account name which will show up in the URL of data and Algorithms you share (e.g. "teamawesome"), and fill out your contact info. You can also choose to upload a logo.

Your Contact Name and Contact Email address will be visible only to group members, all other fields will be publicly visible.

You can use Organizations anytime you need to group people together to share data or collaborate on creating new Algorithms. Though we use the term "Organization", they might actually represent a department within your company, a working group, or a product. You can create and be a member of as many Organizations as you like.

Click on the Organization you just created: here you'll see four tabs:

  • "Algorithms" lists any Algorithms that have been created under your group; if you're interested in creating Algorithms, learn more here.
  • "Members" contains anyone you've invited to become part of this Organization; you should be listed here, with an "Admin" badge.
  • "Invitations" shows any outstanding or past invites you've sent to potential members, and is only visible to Admins of the Org.
  • "Earnings" is only relevant if your Organization has created public Algorithms with a royalty, and shows any income earned. It is only visible to the Org's Admins.

To add people to your Organization, click the "Invite Member" button. If they already have an Algorithmia account, just type their username. Otherwise, enter their email address. They'll receive an email asking them to join. If they accept, they'll be added as a regular member. You can promote any accepted Member to Admin status, or remove them from the Organization, by clicking the "..." in the Members tab.

Now let's learn about one of the most useful aspects of Organizations: shared data.