Organizational Data

You already know how to upload and use your own data, but there are times when you want to share data just a few people. To do so, create or be a member of an Organization, then click on the "Data Sources" link on

Below your usual Data Collections, you see a new collection for each Organization you're a member of. If you place data into one of these collections -- whether by uploading it through the web interface, via the Data API, or by calling an Algorithm which can place data into a specified collection -- that data will be visible to and usable by other members of your Org.

This is useful in a number of ways, but typically is used when one member of your team is generating data or building ML Models, and another member is consuming them (either by processing the data through Algorithms and dumping the results into another location, or by writing an Algorithm which uses the provided ML Model file).

You've learned a lot about using Algorithms and Data... let's wrap things up!