Credit Balance and Call History

The "Account" tab allows you to view your current credit balance and set your payment information. Every month, free credits are added to your account, and any calls you make deplete those credits (learn more about credits here). To allow for usage beyond your free quota, either click "purchase credits" to make a one-time payment, or click "add payment info" to add a credit card we can charge whenever your balance goes below 0. If you run out of credits and don't have a card on file for recurring payments, any successive calls to Algorithms will stop working. If your card expires or a charge attempt fails, we allow for a short grace period while we contact you to fix your credit card info.

Below this, you can see a history of all the Algorithms you've called in the last 30 days, allowing you to examine the actual number of calls and total cost of each Algorithm (and each version thereof) which you have run.

If you have written any public Algorithms for others to run, the "Earnings" section will list your royalties earned from these calls, and give you an idea of how popular and well-used your Algorithms are.

Lastly, the "Transactions" section shows any free credit deposits into your account, purchases of credits, and payments of royalty earnings.

There's one more tab: "Settings".